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Choosing the right ceremony set-up for you


It goes without saying that the sparkling Gulf of Thailand; bright blue sky; gently curving bay and powdery white sand will give an unforgettable backdrop to your wedding ceremony. I mean, who could really ask for more? But with Faraway Weddings you don’t need to ask for more, because we already offer it to you as part of your wedding package. Set upAs stunningly beautiful as our beach
setting is, we want to make the ceremony uniquely yours and the best way to do this is through the decoration you choose. So first, let’s think about the ceremonial set-up. Whichever type of set-up you choose remember this is a key focal point of your ceremony. It’s where you’ll exchange your vows and rings, take your first kiss, and where you’ll stand while everyone looks on. In fact, it will probably be the most photographed part of your big day– so let’s make sure you pick the perfect one to suit you!

Flower Arch

Flower Arch








A flower arch, while subtle enough not to overshadow the two of you and your big moment, gives a tangible injection of colour to your ceremony and really helps to bring the whole scheme together.

Flower Arch









The arch is the perfect way to go if you’d like to keep the decor natural and tropical whilst also ensuring it stands out. The rustic bamboo poles at the bottom prevent the arch from being excessive and…dare I say it…chintzy. And, as always, we can help you choose the right flower types for your arch to fit in with your colour scheme and ensure you create the look you have been dreaming of.


Bamboo Canopy

Western beach canopy wedding








A bamboo canopy is perfect for those who want uncluttered, beach elegance. A canopy looks completely stylish and chic without being fussy and really projects the feel of a hidden get-away on a tropical island.

You can have the canopy in one of two ways – using just the top-sheet gives a feel of effortless minimalism without taking anything away from the beach setting itself.Custom canopy








Alternatively, you can add drapes to the poles to give a more flowing, romantic feel.

Flower decoration on the canopies can be as minimal or extensive as you decide – have a look on our pinterest board for some inspiration.


Yes, you may be having a bare-foot wedding on the sand, but who says you can’t add a touch of glamour!

gazebo terrace wedding








The gazebo is probably the most grandiose of the ceremony setup options on offer, it truly gives an impressively regal feel to the ceremony.


Wedding gazebo







The florist usually uses fewer flower arrangements for decorating the gazebo to ensure the finished look is striking and not over-complicated or overly busy.

Prayer Flags









Ok, I try not to be biased…I really do! But, while I love all our options, I have to admit these are my favourite…

Prayer Flags








If you’re looking for something that bit more unique, simple and understated but stunning all the same, I would definitely suggest considering the prayer flag back drop.









Yes, there are fewer flowers and yes, it is not as bright and colourful as some of the other options but there is something strikingly beautiful about it all the same.

Flower poles

Flower poles







Similar to the Prayer flags, but using floral decoration instead of the flags, these are also a fantastically original backing to your ceremony. The benefit here being you still get the colour and decoration of your choice. Whichever ceremony set-up you decide to go with your beach wedding will look stunning, and most importantly the two of you will be stood in front of it vowing to love each other forever – because let’s be honest, that’s what it’s all really about isn’t it! While you shouldn’t let the details overwhelm you or take from what the wedding is really about – it is important that you feel comfortable with everything and that it says a little bit about who you are together. Try not to choose things because of how they will look to others – pick the ideas and themes that resonate with you. That way you will undoubtedly be happy with the end result.

Closing comment from Richard Hartigan, General Manager of Faraway Weddings “The ceremonial area is of undoubted importance and it is an area where we have to offer various options to suit everyone’s tastes. We intend to extend our options in the near future to offer even more new set-ups to keep up with current trends and demands“.

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