10 Reasons Why YOU Should Have Your Wedding In Thailand!

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Every year, more and more of you are deciding to hold your wedding thousands of miles from your home town. Destination Wedding Venues are popping up all over the world and none more so than on Thailand’s increasingly popular and stunning islands. Why? Here are just a few reasons why a destination wedding might be right for you…
1. Amazing weddings at affordable prices
The average cost of a wedding in the UK or Australia costs around 20,000GBP or 37,000AUD. This is the cost of a deposit on a house, a new car or a thousand other items imperative for newly-weds starting out their life together. For many the cost is simply too far out of reach and means the wedding day is put further and further back or called off altogether, for others it means a life-time of debt to get out of. In contrast, the average cost of a Faraway Weddings organized wedding in Thailand (with 30 guests) is 6500GBP / 11000 AUD. Pretty shocking isn’t it? And, when you add in the other benefits of a destination wedding, the choice seems pretty simple.

2. Breathtaking Venues
Forget the dated registry office; the busy road blaring behind your treasured photos; or the garish hotel carpet…instead why not opt for a breathtakingly beautiful villa, the sea lapping gently on white sand, palm trees waving and lanterns hanging below a starlit sky? Sound tempting? Such scenery is plentiful on any of the stunning Thai islands such as Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao. Choose a quiet beach, a well-equipped venue, an experienced planning company and go for it – you’ll struggle to find anywhere more beautiful to get married.

3. Tropical Climate
Weather in Thailand is tropical. First let’s get this straight – this does not mean every day is hot, dry and sunny – there will be showers, there will be storms. But then again, that is all part of the charm of this exotic country.
Tourists flock to the islands every year for the blue skies, the sunshine…and the amazing tropical storms. However, everyone wants a sunny wedding so it is best to plan your wedding at the right time and largely limit the chances of showers.
Ceremonies on the beach, cocktails in the sunshine, dining under the stars… you can’t beat it really. Any good wedding venue will make the most of the weather and make sure you are outside as much as possible, however it’s always worth checking there is a reliable and pleasing plan B – should a shower look likely.

4. A Feast of Thai Delights
Ever been to a wedding and been served unidentified gravy covered meat, bland potatoes and over cooked vegetables? Not very memorable is it…at least not in a positive way! Why not treat your guests to an authentic Thai feast? Fresh seafood, delicious curries, and the famous ‘pad thai’ – treat them to something they won’t forget in a hurry and give them the chance to experience something different from the norm.

5. Honeymoon Heaven
Deciding on a honeymoon venue is always tricky – so why not make it easier by starting in one in the first place! There are a million and one corners of Thailand waiting to be explored so you needn’t even remain at the wedding venue. Hide out at one of the many 5 star luxury beach resorts; ride Elephants on jungle treks in the North of Thailand or explore the thriving and energetic city of Bangkok…or do all three! Bangkok airport also offers affordable flights, should you want to discover any of the fantastic destinations close by; from the culturally stimulating Vietnam to the blissful Maldives.

6. The perfect guest list
Your sister’s hairdresser…your 2nd cousin who you met when you were three…that girl at work who invited you to hers….do you really want these people at your wedding, even more so, can you afford to have them there?
Keeping your guest list in check may seem harsh but you need to remember that this is your day and you should only have the people there who you really care about.
One of the features people love most about a destination wedding is that you can guiltlessly invite only the people who you want to be there, without feeling that you may be causing unnecessary bitterness. Besides the money you’ll save it also means that the Bride and Groom can really appreciate the people who are there and get to spend quality time with them instead of rushing around trying to say hello to everyone.

7. Pre-wedding stress? Leave it to the wedding planner
If getting married in your home country, it’s highly likely that you would be intimately involved in every detail…not just the fun ones like picking the flowers and the food, but also the practical and mundane chores such as chasing vendors, picking up supplies and so forth. While this is nice to an extent it can also be exhausting and take over from what the wedding is actually about.
Sometimes having the ‘admin’ of the day taken out of your hands can be scary, you can feel less in control – this is where picking a good wedding planning company is key. Choose somewhere that will allow you to have control over the important things – the colours, the theme, the entertainment; somewhere that will be flexible where possible, to make the day fit to your dreams; and most importantly somewhere that you trust to do it properly. Read past reviews, look at pictures and talk to previous couples to make sure you’re completely happy with the company you choose…then all that’s left to do is think about the important things…like your dress!

8. Meeting in the middle
It’s getting more and more usual for families to be spread not just across a country but across the world. Working abroad is becoming increasingly popular and couples from different nationalities often meet in places far from their home countries. For this reason it can be very trying and somewhat unfair if one family has to travel half way across the world, whilst the others get to drive down the road. Sometimes you can avoid a vast amount of stress by choosing somewhere in the middle. Thailand, being centrally located between Australia and Europe, is particularly popular for couples with relatives in both regions.

9. Make your wedding more than just one day
No matter what you do, your wedding day will whiz by in a blur of congratulations, champagne and cake. Although it will probably be the most memorable and fantastic ‘blur’, it’s sometimes hard to take it all in and have quality time with your guests. With a destination wedding you’re giving your guests not just a great day but the opportunity for an amazing holiday. Spend the days leading up to your wedding day going on boat trips, relaxing with your friends by the pool, exploring the islands together; not rushing around preparing all those minor details (remember your wedding planner will have this covered!).

10. Stand out from the crowd
It’s no secret that weddings get bigger and bigger each year – keeping up with the Jones’ is becoming virtually impossible and standing out even more so. No one wants their wedding to be a competition, but at the same time when you have been to five other weddings in the same year, it’s easy for your big-day to merge into the others. Destination weddings mean that you can entertain your guests in a truly unique and memorable way without it costing you a fortune – who is going to forget the Bride and Groom entering on an elephant or a fire-dancer lighting up the sky? Your wedding is the one chance you have to really experience the day of your dreams…so be creative!

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