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Folding Chair option

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Folding Chair option

Once you’ve chosen your chair style you have a new set of things to think about, how to dress them up and co-ordinate them into your colour scheme. The chair itself is just the beginning – how you decorate it can say a lot about how you want your wedding décor to be perceived. Are you looking for a shabby-chic elegance; rustic beach lightheartedness or sophisticated minimalism? Whatever the case – there is a chair decoration for you.












Banquet chairs

Keep it natural with a floral display to link in with your chosen flower scheme.

Use a ribbon band to add a splash of colour or a palm leaf band for an authentic Island feel.
Coloured sashes add a feel of elegance to the chairs and can be tied in a variety of ways to create the perfect look. We can also add flowers to the join for a more decorative touch.

Director chairs

A ribbon / palm tree band and floral decoration can also be used on directors chairs and is great for adding colour while keeping the costs down.
Stay laid back but add some style with flower balls on the aisle chair. Orchids and mums are best for this and can really help to dress up the relaxed director’s chairs and add some colour to the set-up.
For a real beachy and natural feel why not casually hang a starfish or some shells off the corner of the chair?

Director Chair Decoration

Folding chairs

Multi-coloured or matched ribbon strands hung on the back of these chairs add a beautiful boho touch and create a whimsical feel to your ceremony.

Sashes in any colour can bring together a tricky colour scheme or be used dress up the chairs in a more formal style. Don’t forget to add flowers or even a starfish to give the look a tropical-beachy feel.


There are also a multitude of ideas for decorating the aisle chairs – you could try a rustic mason jar with matching flowers and colour-coordinated ribbon, a simple cone with flower cascade, or a loosely tied bouquet.



Tin buckets with a bunch of simple flowers hanging of the aisle seats can also look spectacular in an understated way.



Chivari Chairs

Whether you go for side ties, bows or interwoven , long flowing sashes, they can all help give an oomph to your colour scheme but can also be used to create the currently sought after shabby-chic elegance.

Floral decoration with a sash ‘tail’ is a lovely way to combine the two looks whilst keeping the overall effect as effortlessly stylish.

Aisle decoration can be similar to the folding chairs – think about the flowers you are going for and they look you want to create – sleek and minimal? Try a hanging starfish or cone of white roses. Boho and Rustic? Stick to multicoloured, loose bouquets and hanging mason jars.



As these chairs are decorative by design without any additions, it can be just as effective to keep things extremely simple and stylish by adding a string of beads to match the overall colour scheme without taking away anything away from the chair design.



Closing comment from Richard Hartigan, General Manager of Faraway Weddings “This provides great inspiration for matching your chair choice to your colour scheme and the overall wedding theme. Be creative and unique when selcting your chair decor.

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