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One regularly asked wedding question is, “How do I make my wedding stand out?”

Well, with weddings getting bigger and bigger the scope to personalize your day and truly make it unique is increasing. There’s a world of ideas on the internet with sites like Pinterest, Etsy, Wedding Chicks and many more offering countless, imaginative suggestions for giving your wedding that special touch. But with so much about it can be hard to know where to start.

One easy place to start is with your guest favors and table name-place settings.


One of the most memorable things for a lot of people is the thing they get to keep!

While the flowers, décor and other details all combine to create the atmosphere, taking something away with you at the end of the day really impacts how you look back on the day.

elephants 2


Favor options can generally be split into three groups; those that are related to where you’re getting married (in this case – Thailand!); those related to your wedding ‘theme’; and finally, those that are personal to each guest.

Thai-themed favors:

Thailand is full of beautiful crafts and trinkets which make wonderful keepsakes for your guests. Handmade soap flowers, wooden elephants, miniature tuk-tuks and delicate Buddha figurines are just a few options that your guests are sure to treasure. Alternatively, for a more humorous approach, you could opt for hand-carved coconut monkeys? They’re definitely not something they’ll find at any other wedding!


Or how about bringing a touch of the market-place to your wedding? This year we have seen “Chang” and “Singha” t-shirts, sarongs, fake “Raybans” and even flip-flops used as unique and relatively inexpensive favors. They’re also things that your guests can use again. Many internet companies also  offer personalized sunglasses or beer cozies, these can be adapted to show names, dates and even photos; they can be reused often and also add a special ‘holiday-feel’ to your favor.

Don’t be limited to thinking of a favor as purely a physical gift either. Experience favors are a great idea too. For example, a Thai massage voucher to help your guests see a more relaxing side of Thailand, or perhaps a paid day tour, this could also be  a great way to organize a post-wedding get together and favor in one!

Beach Bottles

Themed wedding Favors

Obviously this depends on whether you’re having a specific ‘theme’ to your wedding and what that may be. The ‘Love Bird’ theme is quite popular and there are some beautiful candles and related trinkets on etsy.com for this.

For a ‘Love is sweet’ theme try personalized candy-rock, engraved with your names and the date of your big day. Or how about adding a retro feel with a mini bubble-gum machine, or old-fashioned pick and mix station? Gift-boxed Macaroons or sugar almonds also make an elegant choice for this theme.

A beach theme is always relevant and popular for a destination wedding. Think personalized flip-flop bottle openers, starfish, sea shells, fans or parasols.

tuk tuks

Travel themed destination weddings are always exciting, and there are so many different ideas to choose from. Mini map gift boxes on beau-coup.com are a wonderful way to present anything from sweets to cufflinks. Colour matched or vintage luggage tags can also double as name settings and are practical whilst being creative. One favorite is the mini suitcase gift box on favorsandflowers.com, such a simple idea but very well matched for a destination wedding.

If you’re going for a colour theme then scented candles are an option and look great on the tables.

table setup 2


A destination wedding asks a lot of your guests; the effort of travelling, expenses, holiday time etc. Now this is not to say that a holiday to Thailand and a stunning beach wedding won’t be a completely worth-while experience for them. But at the same time it’s nice to say thank you to people personally and let them know how much you appreciate their effort. Destination weddings tend to be smaller than their equivalents at home, meaning that you can spend a bit more time and effort making favors that are personal to each guest.

Some wonderful examples we’ve seen in the past involve;

  • A small framed photo for each guest , showing a memorable occasion that they shared with the bride or groom, or both.
  • Hand written limericks / poems about each guest great to show them how well you know them
  • A personalized message/name card in a bottle is something that your guest can keep forever to remind them of your wedding.
  • Personalised shot glasses are an option that can also be incorporated into the wedding during party time.


Closing comment from Richard Hartigan, General Manager of Faraway Weddings “So there you have it. Favors can be fun, pretty, practical, creative and personal and they are something which can make your wedding memorable for those attending. Think about what works for you and remember there are no rules when it comes to favors. .

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