Legal Thailand Wedding

A Legal Thailand Wedding or a symbolic wedding ceremony?


Legal Thailand Wedding

All ceremonies in Thailand are purely symbolic. Therefore, the only differences between having a legal Thailand wedding or having just a symbolic wedding, are in the pre-wedding arrangements and the post ceremony signing. Which way you decide to go is purely a personal choice.

With Faraway Weddings both options are available to you. We offer a legalization service providing you with a legal Thailand wedding which ensures that the marriage is recognized in your home countries as well as in Thailand.

For a legal Thailand wedding the process is as follows:

When deciding on whether to have a legal Thailand wedding you first need to know the process and what is involved. Each foreign embassy will have their own requirements and it is your responsibility to make sure that you can meet these requirements and obtain an “Affirmation of freedom to marry in Thailand”. With most nationalities we will have information on what you will require and we can assist you wherever possible. However, most embassies will not deal with a third party and will only speak directly with the bride and groom.

legal_marriage_thailandOur service really begins when our legal rep meets you at your embassies in Bangkok. Once you hand over the affirmations you will be free to leave Bangkok and continue travelling. Embassy appointments tend to be only available in the mornings and so an overnight stay in Bangkok is required. Embassies are not open on weekends or Public Holidays and your appointment date must be at least 6 working days before your ceremony date. We recommend that if you require a legal Thailand wedding that you speak with us about possible appointment dates before booking any flights.

Once our legal rep has the documents from your embassies they are translated at an official translation bureau and then submitted to the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They release the papers back to our legal rep, after approximately three days, with authorization that the bride and groom can legally marry in Thai Law.

This paperwork is couriered to our office on Koh Samui and an appointment is made with the local registrar. The registrar then prepares the register and your certificates and will turn up at the end of your ceremony for the legal signing and certificate presentation.

You will receive two original certificates and it is worth you knowing that these are the only two certificates that will ever be issued. If you were to lose or damage these certificates then a certified copy of the register is available as a back-up.

Our legal rep will arrange for a certified translation of one of your certificates so that you can carry out procedural changes in your country. With some embassies our legal rep has to resubmit the certificates and some paperwork at the embassy so that the marriage can be officially recognized or registered in your country.

Our legal service fee to provide a legal Thailand wedding is currently 23,500 THB28,500 THB depending on the embassies involved.

For some people, having to visit their embassy 6 working days prior to their ceremony is simply not possible or practical. There is no issue with having the legal wedding done in your own country before or after your wedding in Thailand. This has no impact on the ceremony and you would still have a symbolic signing after your ceremony whether it is a legal Thailand wedding or not.

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