Senses working overtime!


You can expect a destination wedding on Koh Samui to really stimulate all five of your senses.senses-working-overtime

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1. Seeing is believing!

The wedding day is full of sensational sights.

One of the most obvious reasons for getting married on Koh Samui is surely because of the breath-taking beauty of the place. Having your wedding at a venue such as The Faraway Villa means that, as you walk down the aisle, you will be looking out on gleaming, smooth white sand and a shimmering, turquoise ocean framed  by lush, tropical palm tree and a never-ending horizon.’s enough to make you forget about the Groom!

And then there’s the decorations, ceremony set-up and all of your guests seeing in you your dress for the first time.

On your wedding day you want to be living in the moment, enjoying everything as it happens and certainly not thinking about when it’s over but, just for a second, let your mind wander to that time (don’t worry we won’t tell anyone). It’s the following month and, although you’re still in honeymoon bliss (obviously), there’s a slight empty feeling now that the day you looked forward to for so long is over. But then your photo’s arrive. These images, together with your video package will be the main visual things you’ll have to look back on when remembering your magical day. Wherever you get married, the photos of the two of you will always be beautiful and memorable, but imagine how much more amazing it could be if, as you look adoringly into each other’s eyes,  you’re set against the dramatic backdrop of an orange and pink sunset sky and softly breaking waves?

The spectacular and breathtaking stunts of the firedancer; the romantic release of your ‘wish lantern’ on the sand; the fireworks and your first dance under the stars – surely these are the everlasting images you’ll want to remember when you think about your wedding day?


Sunset beach wedding

2. Ahhh, the smell of it!

At Faraway Weddings we are adamant that every detail of your wedding is attended to flawlessly and we pride ourselves in covering everything from the major aspects to the finer details which can often be forgotten or missed by other wedding companies. We understand that the sense of smell plays a key role in memories, often more so than the other senses. Think, for example, of how quickly a whiff of cut grass can bring you back to playing in your garden as a child on a sunny afternoon.

There are a few attractive aromas around the wedding day experience. The stunning scent of the flowers used to decorate the villa, the chosen perfume of the bride and even the magical and mouthwatering whiffs of the Thai food prepared for your reception dinner will all leave a lasting memory.

Bride & bridesmaids








At Faraway Weddings we have even prepared our own branded scent of coconuts to take you straight back to your memorable moment on the beach. We chose coconut, in fact the smell is actually coconut sun lotion, as our signature scent for two reasons; firstly because nothing will stir up your holiday memories more than the aroma of sweet coconut suntan lotion or a deliciously creamy coconut shake. And secondly, Koh Samui is commonly known as ‘coconut island’, This is because of the copious amount of coconut trees covering our little drop in the ocean, they are quite literally everywhere you look! So much so that coconut farming has always been the number one industry on the island; that is of course until tourism took off. Even now Samui produces most of the coconuts and coconut products you will experience throughout Thailand. We love them and we are sure that, after getting married here, the aroma of coconuts will hold a special place in your heart too.

3. Feeling good!


Barefoot wedding








Your emotional feelings are often on overdrive on your wedding day, but what about what you physically feel? Will it be the powder soft sand between your toes as you walk barefoot down the aisle, the warm waves brushing your feet as you walk down the beach or the sun on your skin as you sip a cocktail? Everything plays a part in how you remember and enjoy your big day – you’d be surprised at the things that will stick in your mind – down to the smallest sweep of material or the accidental brush of your hands in the ceremony.

And don’t forget when you exchange rings and the gentle moment when you share that first kiss as a married couple.

Take the time to absorb it all on your wedding day – instead of rushing from one thing to the next take a moment to savour everything…after all you shouldn’t be rushing anyway…that’s what your wedding planner is for!

4. Tantalize your taste-buds!

I apologise in advance, but whenever we speak about our fabulous catering team we can’t help but be a bit…well…smug. There is no false modesty or humility here as we are unbelievably proud of the food we offer without fail at every wedding.  Everyone, from your typical tourist attempting Thai food for the first time, to connoisseur Michelin stared chefs have commented on the quality and superiority of our food. Nowhere on Samui will you experience such a tasty variety of authentic and delicious Thai dishes. Starting with the canapés after your ceremony – the sweet chilli and lemongrass prawns served on a mint leaf are to die for! – right through to your custom built menu to suit your taste. Will you go Thai and indulge in the richly flavoured roast duck curry, complemented with pineapple and sweet basil or a more western option with an impeccably cooked filet mignon and shitake mushroom sauce? So many decisions – fresh and vibrant pad Thai or a deeply soothing Tom Kha Kai? Tangy blueberry cheesecake or tropical mango and sticky rice?….where do you start?










There are other moments where your taste buds will be tantalized too. The delightful champagne toast on the beach; your special cocktail served in pineapple; and not forgetting the first mouthful after the much photographed cake-cutting.

5. It’s like music to your ears!

Music is such an imperative part of your wedding and the atmosphere that is created. There is so much to think about – live music or a DJ; chill out or party tunes; your choices…or his?! At Faraway I’m afraid we don’t make it easy for you – there are just so many options you can choose from. If you love live music we offer a great range of bands to book from acoustical pairings to our lively Filipino trio.

Is a DJ more your thing? Choose between our enthusiastic, classic DJ or our renowned club star…or even let your guests control what’s played with the digital Juke box – full to the brim with a huge assortment of songs. If you don’t fancy live music; are trying to keep the budget in check, or just want to be completely in control of all that’s played… that’s fine too! You’re also free to bring all your own music on playlists and our fully qualified sound technician will manage everything for you.

First dance








The songs you choose for the important moments in your wedding will stay in your heart forever, so pick carefully. Will you go for the first song you listened to together; the one with the heart-warming lyrics or the funny one you know will crack every one up? Whatever you go for make sure to take a few things into consideration…

  1. Make sure you listen to the whole song  – nothing worse than downloading an ‘alternate’ version that breaks into heavy drum and base after 30 seconds…
  2. Live versions of songs might be meaningful but audience noise can often sound fuzzy and inappropriate during your first dance or procession
  3. Finally think about what means something to YOU…there are a million websites offering the 10 best wedding songs and, although they might be great, it’s the personal choices that you will remember the most. So what if your favourite song isn’t perfect to dance to or your dream procession song is rock? This is YOUR wedding…do what you want!

Hearing is a sense that you will become increasingly aware of throughout your wedding day. For the bride, it could be the start of the drum procession to welcome the groom, the gasp of the guests as you come into view for the first time, and of course the first words uttered to you by the groom when you join him at the ceremonial area.

For the groom it is most often when the procession music starts and you can give a sigh of relief that your bride is going through with it and on her way to join you. It could be the pop of the cork for your Champagne toast or the cheer from the guests when you’re pronounced husband and wife which sticks in your mind.


Closing comment from Richard Hartigan, General Manager of Faraway Weddings “Let’s not forget about the all important sixth sense too. Think about your heart (I know it’s not a ‘sense’ per se but it still counts!). Determining where you get married and who will work with you to plan it all is a big decision. Make sure it is a company you trust; a company who gets you as people and not just clients and, most importantly, a company whose chief priority is making your day perfect. By following your heart and your gut feelings about what fits for you, you are likely to get exactly what you dreamt of. We hope that if you chose a Faraway Wedding Experience you can trust us to do just that” .


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