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Getting Creative with chairs


There are so many things to think about when considering the options for your wedding…the dress…the food…the colour scheme. So it’s often easy to neglect attention for ordinary items such as chairs. However, don’t be so hasty to overlook these functional (some might say boring) pieces of furniture. The chair type you use can alter your ceremony set up and overall ‘look’ of your wedding quite considerably.

Weddings are no longer a cut and dry affair – chairs can vary from the formal covered-banquet chair, to the beachy director’s chair, with a vast range of options in between. Your chair choice should fit your wedding theme and your own style as a couple: what do you want to say about yourselves? How do you want your wedding to be perceived?

Director’s chairs:

A firm favorite for many beach weddings – the director’s chairs keep things stylish, relaxed and they look perfect by the sea. The pine frame and cream seat cover are ideally neutral to fit in with whatever additional décor you decide to go with. So, If you want your beach ceremony to be…well…beachy…then these might be the chairs for you!

Director Chair Decoration

Folding Chairs:

Similar in feel and style to the directors chairs but a touch more graceful. Our folding chairs come in white, meaning, not only do they stand out beautifully against the yellow sand and turquoise water, but that they will fit with your wedding no matter what colours you are using.  The folding chairs are slightly smaller and more delicate that the directors chairs but still give a laid-back, tropical feel to the event. Again – these chairs can be matched with your scheme through various decoration ideas and coloured cushions.

Folding Chair option









Both the directors and folding chairs really help your wedding ceremony to stand out – after all you’re coming all the way to Thailand to get married on a beach, why go with décor more normally seen in a function room?

Banquet chairs:

These are probably the most common choice of chairs and usually the least pricey – but definitely not to be dismissed. The covers in ivory are easy to match to any colour scheme and can be jazzed up with sashes or floral decoration. The chairs themselves are practically sized so that they can be used for both the ceremony and dinner. Banquet chairs are quite a formal option and they add a touch of elegance to a ceremony on the sand.

Beach wedding canopy

Chivari (Tiffany) chairs

These stunningly classic chairs are our most popular choice for a garden wedding or for the dinner reception. Not only do they add a touch of glamour but they work fantastically with vintage and rustic themed weddings.









Chivari chairs can be ordered in white or crystal – from experience we would say that white is perfect for a sophisticated elegance and crystal for a grander, stylish effect. Both chairs really give a wedding reception a real wow factor and add that special touch to the decoration.

Melissa and Gary wedding











It doesn’t matter whether you’re getting married on the sand; a terrace; a garden or a function room -your wedding should make you feel comfortable and reflect your style. So, if more formal, elegant décor is your thing then stick by that with these two beautiful chair options.

Melissa and Gary wedding








Closing comment from Richard Hartigan, General Manager of Faraway Weddings “Look out next week for our blog on ‘Chair decoration ideas’: giving you inspiration for matching your chair choice to your colour scheme and the overall wedding theme.“.

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